Start Your Real Estate Title Order

It’s easy to get to closing when you use our online form below. So, when is the right time to send us your title order? Well, first, you’ll sign an agreement with the bank and/or seller to refinance or purchase your property. After that’s done, you’re ready to get title started. The form below will allow you to start your real estate title order with Clear Title Group. You can submit the basic details of your closing, and we will follow up by phone and email to confirm the details. Once title is started, we will:

  • coordinate with all of the parties involved to get closing done
  • order a history of the ownership of the property
  • search for any money owed on the property, including liens and judgments
  • prepare the documents to be signed at closing
  • meet with all parties at the closing table
  • record the deed and/or mortgage
  • issue a title insurance policy guaranteeing clear title

In short, we’ll do our best to make sure you get to and through closing, on time…and without surprises. So, go ahead and get this process started by filling out the form below.We look forward to providing you with an outstanding settlement experience.